Cornerstone Academics

Cornerstone Academics

The academic portion of the CoRe Experience is the Cornerstone Engineering Program. It consists of two courses: EGR 100 - Introduction to Engineering Design and EGR 102 - Introduction to Engineering Modeling. The courses introduce students to the team design process and analytical tools used in the engineering profession.

Throughout both courses, students generate written reports and oral presentations, with significant feedback from undergraduate mentors, graduate teaching assistants, and the academic staff. Especially for the design course, the projects are open-ended and completed by interdisciplinary teams, leading to creative, divergent solutions to engineering problems. We have also collaborated with our corporate partners, local non-profit agencies, the MSU Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities and the MSU Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment to provide client-oriented and service learning opportunities to these early engineering students.

EGR 100

Introduction to Engineering Design, is required for all engineering students, and serves over 1400 students per year in multiple hands-on, team-based design experiences leading to tangible deliverables. Students in EGR 100 begin interdisciplinary, team-based work from their first day of class.

EGR 102

Introduction to Engineering Modeling, provides an introduction to engineering problem solving and numerical modeling. It is taken by seven of ten disciplinary majors, with students in computer science, computer engineering and electrical engineering taking alternative introductory programming courses due to their unique computing needs.

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