• The CoRe Experience is committed to 'building the whole engineer'.
  • CoRe students are awarded for their projects on Design Day.

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About CoRe

CoRe's mission is to help first-year engineering students succeed.

Welcome to the CoRe Experience

CoRe seeks to demonstrate to students the importance of engineering and the positive impact that engineers make on society and the world around them. Along with community and corporate partners, we bring real-world expertise and challenges into the classroom and residential environment, reinforcing the relevance of studies in engineering to solving global challenges.

Our Mission:

  • To provide early engineering students with unmatched learning opportunities within a supportive community that encourages academic, professional and personal achievement
  • To foster life-enriching connections between students and their peers, faculty members, advisors, and corporate representatives
  • To cultivate students' skills that encourage lifelong learning
  • To demonstrate to the students the critical roles of engineers in contributing to society

Read more about our program in our
CoRe Annual Report 2018-2019.

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Academic Program

CoRe’s primary goal is that our students are engaged and succeed in the classroom.
Two CoRe students studying together in the South Neighborhood.

CoRe students studying together in the South Neighborhood.

CoRe Courses

CoRe’s academic program is based on the principle that engagement in meaningful engineering experiences early in students’ undergraduate careers supports their success and persistence to graduation. Through our courses, EGR 100: Introduction to Engineering Design and EGR 102: Introduction to Engineering Modeling, we strive to engage students across the disciplines in team-based projects that pique their interest and give them a window into what professional engineering really is.

EGR 100: Introduction to Engineering Design

Introduction to Engineering Design engages students in multiple hands-on, team-based design experiences leading to tangible deliverables. Students in EGR 100 begin interdisciplinary, team-based work from their first day of class.

EGR 102: Introduction to Engineering Modeling

Introduction to Engineering Modeling provides an introduction to engineering problem solving and numerical modeling. The course focuses on advanced applications of Excel and structured programming in MATLAB.

CoRe Tutoring

CoRe offers free tutoring, supporting the academic success of all CoRe students. CoRe tutoring is available Sunday through Thursday (6:00 PM - 10:00 PM) in G24B Wonders and covers the courses listed below.

  • MTH 132 - Calculus I
  • MTH 133 - Calculus II
  • MTH 234 - Calculus III
  • MTH 235 - Differential Equations
  • CEM 141 - General Chemistry
  • PHY 183 - Physics for Scientists & Engineers I
  • PHY 184 - Physics for Scientists & Engineers II


CoRe Advising

Academic Advising for Undergraduate Engineering First Year Students

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Professional Development

CoRe wants students to know where they’re going next…
The student is riding a motorized bicycle during the Bosch rededication, 2016.

The student is riding a motorized bicycle during the Bosch rededication, 2016.

Corporate Partners

The CoRe Experience benefits from a strong connection to industry, giving students insight on engineering in the "real world". Building connections with our corporate partners helps CoRe students visualize the impact they can make in their careers. Our partners also support "theme floors" that teach students about 21st-century engineering practice, while providing collaborative spaces where students can work and play together.

Theme Partners

Bosch LogoConsumers Energy Logo
GE Logo


Career Opportunities

The CoRe Experience benefits from a strong partnership with the Center for Spartan Engineering. Through this partnership, CoRe students are prepared to network with engineering recruiters interested in hiring interns and co-ops. Students are taught how to build professional resumes, prepare for career workshops and job fairs, and how to get the most out of experiential education opportunities.

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Personal Connections

We want you happy while you’re here.

CoRe students hanging out in the South Neighborhood.


CoRe works to create a sense of community for engineering students who live and learn together in South Neighborhood. It is important that students understand that these are not just classmates but also their friends. We want students to grow by experiencing the interesting, diverse, vibrant community of first-year engineers. The living-learning environment also facilitates social connections that broaden students’ Spartan experience.

Peer Leaders

CoRe Peer Leaders are upperclass engineering students live with CoRe students and serve as role models for success as engineering students. Through relationship building and group activities, Peer Leaders create a strong, connected support network that fosters academic, professional, and personal success for CoRe students.

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Our People

Questions? Please call 517-355-6616x2 or email core@egr.msu.edu.

Timothy Hinds
Carmellia Davis-King
Co-Curricular Director
Aimee Reynolds
Support Staff
Debjani Sarkar
teaching specialist
Jenahvive K. Morgan
teaching specialist
Jason Smith
teaching specialist
David Wolff
Project Labs Coordinator


Theme Partners

Project Partners