Academic Program

CoRe’s primary goal is that our students are engaged and succeed in the classroom.
Two CoRe students studying together in the South Neighborhood.

CoRe students studying together in the South Neighborhood.

CoRe Courses

CoRe’s academic program is based on the principle that engagement in meaningful engineering experiences early in students’ undergraduate careers supports their success and persistence to graduation. Through our courses, EGR 100: Introduction to Engineering Design and EGR 102: Introduction to Engineering Modeling, we strive to engage students across the disciplines in team-based projects that pique their interest and give them a window into what professional engineering really is.

EGR 100: Introduction to Engineering Design

Introduction to Engineering Design engages students in multiple hands-on, team-based design experiences leading to tangible deliverables. Students in EGR 100 begin interdisciplinary, team-based work from their first day of class. During Fall 2020, it has become necessary to develop team-based design experiences in a virtual format. Dr. Morgan has worked to create projects that promote a fun virtual experience, while satisfying the intented objectives of the course.

EGR 102: Introduction to Engineering Modeling

Introduction to Engineering Modeling provides an introduction to engineering problem solving and numerical modeling. The course focuses on advanced applications of Excel and structured programming in MATLAB. Instructor, Jason Smith has made an exerted effort to create a fun and effective virtual learning exprience for his students this year. 

CoRe Tutoring  

Beginning September 12th, CoRe will again offer free in-person tutoring in C105 Wonders Hall, Sunday through Thursday, from 6 to 10 pm, in the following subjects:

PHY 183- Physics I

PHY 184- Physics II

MTH 132- Calculus I

MTH 133- Calculus II

MTH 234- Calculus III

MTH 235- Differential Equations

CEM 141- General Chemistry

CoRe tutors are undergraduate engineering students with excellent academic records. First-Year students find CoRe tutoring to be helpful and beneficial to their academic success.


CoRe Advising

Perhaps the most valuable resource we provide to you is our academic advisors.  You should visit your advisor each semester to check your progress toward your degree and get valuable insight and information on your academic and life goals.  The College of Engineering  employs academic advising professionals with advanced degrees in counseling, education, university administration and related fields. Our academic advisors  are available to help you plan an academic program that meets your educational and professional goals and to provide you with information you need to make wise educational and personal decisions. Advisors can help you explore engineering majors and career options and direct you to important campus resources for assistance with test-taking, study skills, career planning and much more.

To find your academic advisor, select the Majors tab on the following webpage: Advisors | College of Engineering (

How to set up an advising appointment:

The appointment system opens up 14 days in advance. If you do not see anything open, it means that the advisor is full for the next 14 days. You must schedule an appointment 24 hours in advance. 

To schedule an appointment with your advisor:

  1. Go to and log in with your MSU NetID and password.
  2. Click the "Academic Progress" tile from the Students homepage. 
  3. Click the tab on the left, labeled "Advising/Tutoring Appointments."
  4. To schedule a new appointment, click "Create New Appointment."
  5. Fill out the "New Appointment" section details. 
  6. Select an advisor meeting your criteria. 
  7. After reviewing the appointment details, click "Book It!"

You will receive an email with an appointment confirmation once you click “Book It!”

You also need to make sure you are registered for two-factor authentication (2FA). Students who are not registered will be prompted to do so before logging in. Register or learn more at these links.

Note: If the appointment is successfully created, a green box will show at the bottom confirming. If the appointment was not successfully created, a red box and pop-up will occur notifying you the appointment was not created. Visit the Student Guide for Scheduling Advising/Tutoring Appointments for additional assistance with scheduling appointments and viewing drop-in availability.

If you need assistance please email your advisor with any questions. For further academic advising information, please visit: Academic Advising for Undergraduate Engineering First Year Students

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