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CoRe's mission is to help first-year engineering students succeed.


Welcome to the First-Year Engineering CoRe Experience

The Cornerstone Engineering and Residential Experience (CoRe) at Michigan State University provides academic and professional resources, as well as co-curricular activities for first-year engineering students and is aimed at building the whole engineer. What makes MSU First-Year Engineering special is the emphasis on the Living Learning Community in South Neighborbood. Incoming first-year students who select an engineering major preference are automatically considered part of the CoRe Experience. To learn more about housing options for engineering students, refer to Frequently Asked Questions.  

CoRe seeks to demonstrate to students the importance of engineering and the positive impact that engineers make on society and the world around them. Along with community and corporate partners, we bring real-world expertise and challenges into the classroom and residential environment, reinforcing the relevance of studies in engineering to solving global challenges.

Our Mission:

  • To provide early engineering students with unmatched learning opportunities within a supportive community that encourages academic, professional and personal achievement
  • To foster life-enriching connections between students and their peers, faculty members, advisors, and corporate representatives
  • To cultivate students' skills that encourage lifelong learning
  • To demonstrate to the students the critical roles of engineers in contributing to society

Find out more about CoRe in the Annual Report:

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Frequently Asked Questions- New Information for 2022-2023

Where will I live?

CoRe offers residential housing for engineering students in South Neighborhood. First-year engineering students who choose to LIVE and LEARN within the Living-Learning Community (LLC) are housed in either Wilson or Wonders Hall, with other engineering students. To reside in those spaces, you will need to be a first-year student with an engineering major preference. At this time, our housing is for engineering students only. ***Because of the increasing size of our First-Year Engineering class, we are unable to guarantee placement in the designated living space. The Housing Assignments Office staff will do their best to place first-year engineering students in Wilson and Wonders Hall. Learn more about South Neighborhood here: liveon.msu.edu/neighborhoods

Beginning Fall of 2022, students are required to live on campus for their first two years at MSU. The Engineering Living Learning Community will expand to offer select rooms for second-year engineering students who wish to reside in the Engineering LLC. Second year students who choose to reside within the Engineering Living Learning Community will have designated living space in Shaw, Wonders or Emmons Halls, with other second-year engineering students. Like the First-Year designated LLC, we are unable to accomodate non-engineering roommates.

Do you have an Honors Floor?

First-Year Engineering Honors Students have the option of living on a designated Honors Floor, with other Engineering Honors Students, in Wilson Hall. Students who wish to live on a different Honors College floor, outside of CoRe, will need to request to opt out of CoRe Residential Housing. Honors housing questions, outside of CoRe, can be directed to honors@msu.edu

Is it a requirement to LIVE in the CoRe LLC?

While residing in the First-Year Engineering Living-Learning Community is recommended, it is not a requirement. Students may choose to live anywhere on campus and still take advantage of CoRe resources and participate in our programs and events.

Second year students who do not wish to reside in the designated locations should "do nothing" during the housing sign-up period, and they will automatically receive a new date for selection outside of South Neighborhood.

Can I live with a non-engineering roommate?

We are unable to accomodate non-engineering roommates in the designated living space.  If you elect to reside with a roommate who has not selected an engineering major, you will need to request to opt out of living in CoRe Residential Housing.

How do I opt out of living in the CoRe LLC?

Incoming First-Year Students may request to opt out of living in CoRe Residential Housing, before June 3rd.


1. We are unable to honor any changes after June 3rd.

2. If you change your mind about opting-out and want to return, you will need to add your name to the Room Change Wait-list via your MyHousing Account in late August.

3. If you opt-out of living in the CoRe designated living space, you will be placed outside of South Neighborhood.

4. Make sure your perspective roommate checks to see if their selected major is part of a residential program or Living Learning Community. Most residential programs and Living Learning Communities are unable to accommodate roommates outside of their major. For more information about Living Learning Community Housing Guidelines: https://liveon.msu.edu/LLC-Guide

Second-year students who wish to opt-out of the Engineering LLC will do nothing when given a room selection date in mid-March. By not selecting a room during the initial sign-up period, students will automatically receive a new date to select a room outside of the Engineering Living Learning Community. The new selection date will fall between March 23rd and March 30th.


***Students who do not complete their preferences in their MyHousing account, or request to opt-out, by June 3rd, will be assigned a room by the Housing Assignments Office and will receive their room information in July. Any room change requests after the June 3rd deadline will need to be made by adding your name to the Room Change Wait-list via your MyHousing Account in late August.

For additional information or questions, please contact our office at (517) 355-6616, ext. 2

For more information about the housing sign up process, visit: https://liveon.msu.edu/new-sign-up-process

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